Schedule a 1:1 meeting

Learn how to schedule 1:1 meetings and add Anna to your meetings

Here's a short video with some great tips and tricks to schedule 1:1 meetings. Below the video you can see how you do it in Adapto.

How to setup 1:1 meetings in Adapto

Setting up 1:1 meetings in Adapto is simple and straightforward. You just have to invite Anna to the meeting.

Here's how you do it:

1. Select employee and choose the "schedule" tab.

2. Copy your own Adapto Meeting ID by clicking "copy".

Adapto Meeting ID

3. Open your calendar like Outlook, Google Calendar or similar.

4. Invite your employee and Anna by pasting your Adapto Meeting ID into the meeting as meeting participant. Below are some examples from Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365.'

5. Click send and the 1:1 meeting is now registered in Adapto, and Adapto will handle everything around the 1:1 meeting. Enjoy!

Want to learn how to prepare for a 1:1 meeting?

Google Calendar

Schedule Google Calendar

If you are using Google you can integrate Adapto with Google account. Just sign in with your Google the next time you sign into Adapto.

Microsoft Outlook

Schedule outlook

Office 365

Schedule office365