What are engagement check-ins?

The easiest way to get regular engagement feedback is through regular engagement check-ins.

Get continuous feedback on employee engagement. Your employees swipe a smiley once a week and you get notified real-time.  

It's super easy. It's super powerful. Click on the Smiley below and try it yourself.

Click and try it yourself:

Adapto Smiley Check-ins

See a demo check-in

Automated check-ins 

Adapto Engagment Check-ins

Give your employee a change to reflect on their mood without you there. As easy as it gets! Check in with a smiley - your employee swipes the mouth of the smiley up or down to reflect their mood. The check-ins are sent weekly at different days and times to account for Monday blues and Friday fun. Works on all devices. 

Make it personal

Smiley Check-ins

Check-ins will kick-start conversations you don't want to miss!
You and your employees can add personal messages to the check-ins - anytime. And it's easy to start any in-person conversation when you have a check-in to base it on. Enjoy!

Analyze and act

Adapto Engagement Check-ins

A simple overview of employee responses, lets you know how your employees are doing over time. Get to know each employee's ups and down better and hone your everyday leadership.