What is Ask Anna?

Ask Anna is your own digital assistant. She can help you with Adapto, and our Adapto Pro customers can even ask her about any leadership topic and get online leadership coaching by our team of experts.

"Ask Anna" is an advanced chatbot that can help you with anything related to Adapto and leadership.

All our customers can ask her about tips and tricks on how to use Adapto.

Our Adapto Pro customers furthermore have the option of chatting with Anna and get help from a selected part of our vast leadership content. And if that isn't enough, they even have the opportunity to chat with our leadership experts and get online coaching.

Adapto Pro customers

Have you forgotten your password to "Ask Anna" please contact your account manager, contact us at support@adapto.me or call us at +45 7370 9982 and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Non Adapto Pro customers

If you are not an Adapto Pro customer please contact us at info@adapto.me or call us at +45 7370 9982 and let's find a solution for you.