Adapto ONE - Make meetings matter

With Adapto ONE, you get the best 1:1 meeting software in the world!

It's one of the most simple and effective ways to increase employee engagement and business performance: Simply meeting with your employees 1:1 on a regular basis!

Quick intro by Adapto's CEO:

Adapto  One launch with subtitles

Watch a 'How to'-video here

With Adapto ONE, an automated process takes you and your employee through preparation and follow-up
- with no hassle. 

You will know what your employee needs before each meeting. Adaptive learning gives you videos targeted directly to your employee's needs in the upcoming meeting.

Let Adapto take care of all the facilitating and documentation, so you have time to focus on your employee. Build trust and talent like never before with Adapto 1-1 meetings.

How do I get Adapto ONE?

If you're an Adapto FREE subscriber just upgrade to ONE within Adapto. You'll get immediate access and an invoice is sent to you by email.

New to Adapto? Lovely, welcome! Just sign up to Adapto ONE following this link: Sign up to Adapto ONE

1:1 meetings - easy and engaging

1-1 meeting Scribe

Employees deserve feedback and a leader who is available for coaching, advice or simply to blow of some steam. Regular 1:1 meetings are a golden opportunity to align expectations, provide coaching and feedback on progress.

With Adapto ONE it's super easy to make 1:1 meetings time well spent - every time! Just add your Adapto Assistant to your 1:1 meetings and everything is taken care of.


Leadership development

Enjoy adaptive videos before each meeting - videos targeted at your employee's needs in the upcoming meeting. You'll be prepared for whatever challenges your employees may have.

With a new leadership topic every week, you'll learn how to coach for performance, manage conflict, give effective feedback and much more...


See the effect of your leadership

Adapto's state-of-the-art meeting facilitation gives you valuable insights into your leadership skills and your team's needs. No surveys needed - it comes with the process! 

Simple charts make your data easy to interpret and your digital assistant helps you act on it. 

See how easy it is:

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Note that the Schedule is now called Meeting

How do I schedule a 1:1 meeting with Adapto?