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Adapto is a simple employee relationship management system

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With Adapto Free, you have all employee information in one place.

You will get real-time insights to your employees' well-being with weekly check-ins. You will always remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. And you can hone your skills with a new video-based leadership topic every week. 

It's super easy. It's super powerful ... and yes, it's 100% free, forever.


Manage employee relations with ease 

At each Employee page, you can structure and log all your notes, reminders, documents, check-ins and 1:1 meetings. Your Activity feed documents everything for you and keeps you on top of things to come.

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Check-in on employee well-being

Give your employee a change to reflect on their mood without you there. It's as easy as it gets! Your employee just swipes the mouth of the smiley up or down.
Check-ins will kick-start conversations you don't want to miss!


Learn and Lead

Every week, there's a new leadership topic for you in Adapto's Learn section. Allow yourself to get inspired with short videos and guides on coaching, feedback, conflict, prioritizing, engagement and... and... and...

Adapto provides the overview, the data, and the inspiration to hone your leadership - every day!

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What are check-ins?

How do I create an employee profile?

How do I set up a key date reminder?

What are Notes and how to use them?